Regular Board Meeting

August 7, 2023


The Bennington Township regular board meeting was called to order by Supervisor Lee Ash on August 7, 2023, 7:00pm, at the Township Hall.

Present: Jim Forsythe, Matt Dutcher, Lee Ash, Cody Baker, Donna Ash.

Forsythe moved to approve the agenda as printed. Second by Baker. Motion carried.
Forsythe moved to approve the minutes for the July 10, 2023 regular board meeting as printed. Second by L. Ash. All board members in favor. Motion carried.
L. Ash moved to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented. Second by Forsythe. All board members in favor. Motion carried.
Forsythe moved to approve payment of bills as presented in the amount of $41,944.85. Second by Dutcher. All board members in favor. Motion carried.

Public Comment:
Resident – Asked that the corner of Morrice and Hibbard be mowed at a previous meeting. That took some time but is now compete.
Resident – At a previous meeting asked about something being done with an abandoned house on Bennington Road, nothing as of this time has been done.
Resident – Previously asked about a drainage issue on Friegel Road, that issue has been resolved.
Resident – Mentioned that the mowing of the roadsides needs to be done along with road signs having vines removed. Asked the plans to mow the walking trail to keep it from growing over. Said he was approached about a survey for Bennington Township and if it was initiated by the Township. (The Township had not approved any survey to be done on the Townships behalf.) Restated that the house on M-52 still needed to cleaned up.
Resident – Asked about Solar Energy regulations.

Board Reports:
Plan Comm. – D. Ash- Review the proposed Renewable Energy District from the County for the next meeting.
Roads – L. Ash – Proposed for next year is the paving of Morrice Road from Hibbard south to Twp line and Grand River Road from Morrice Road west to Laingsburg as county projects.

Old Business:
Ambulance Special Assessment- Wording received from the attorney will send to the printers.
Roof – Received one bid will hold until next meeting for additional bids.
Zoning – Blight complaints – Several properties within the Township are being monitored.
2022 -2023 Audit – Forsythe moved to approve the 2022 – 2023 Audit as presented and to authorize signature of the representation letter. Second by Baker. All board members in favor. Motion carried.

New Business:
Fireworks – Discussion of the Fireworks, Township received several complaints as well as several compliments.
SSESA Contract – Reviewed the amendment to the current SSESA contract.  Request that payment be annually instead of monthly.
Election – Early Voting – Dutcher moved to contract with Shiawassee County to provide the required nine days of early voting on behalf of Bennington Township for the 2024 Election cycle and authorize the clerk to sign contract. Second by Forsythe. All board members in favor. Motion carried.

Forsythe moved to adjourn. Second by L. Ash. Motion carried.
Adjournment at 7:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Ash, Clerk